Victor Orban. He did it again....

The elections held in Hungary yesterday show that this country is still under the rule of a strong leader. Victor Orban, who ruled already for three terms, won a sweeping victory in national elections on Sunday. Orban is Hungary's longest-serving leader since the fall of communism in 1989.

By securing two-thirds of the seats in Parliament, Mr. Orban’s party, Fidesz — along with its ally, the Christian Democrats —has the power to change the Constitution and further bend the nation to his will.

Orban has accused the EU of overreach in his country's affairs, particularly in its attempt to impose a quota system that would have obliged Hungary to settle refugees.

Although having one of  the lowest levels of immigration of the EU's 28 countries, Hungary has planted anti-immigration billboards across the country. Migration was a major topic in Orban´s election campaign, and it seems it paid off.

Despite being against acceptance of asylumseekers, Hungary offers a very interesting residence program for foreigners. With a minimum deposit of EUR 300.000, one can apply for a residence permit for himself and the family. After a quick and easy procedure, permanent residence is given that allows the holder to travel visa-free to all other Schengen member countries and stay there for a maximum period of 3 months. The Hungarian citizenship as the next step is a highly valued one as Hungary allows double citizenship, so the applicant can keep his original citizenship besides the Hungarian one.